On-Site Cremation

On-Site Cremation Center

We Welcome Inspection and Strongly Encourage Comparison

Nothing-To-Hide Cremation

Prasser-Kleczka Funeral Homes is proud to announce the opening of our on-site cremation center, adjacent to our Bay View Chapel.

Many funeral homes tout the fact that they have an on-site crematory, which is important. What is even more important, though, is the standard to which they hold that crematory.

Our high standards mean:

  • Your loved one will always be in our care
  • You will find our accommodations clean, well-maintained, and dignified
  • The interior and exterior of our cremation building is beautifully and tastefully decorated
  • Your comfort was top of mind when designing this building
  • You can easily walk from a service in the Bay View Chapel, directly to the cremation room for witnessing, or you can arrive by procession if the funeral takes place at another location

We welcome inspection and strongly encourage comparison.

Witnessing the Cremation Process

Witnessing the cremation process is becoming more common and we welcome you to do so. Our comfortable witnessing room allows the initiation of the cremation process to be viewed whether for religious reasons or peace of mind.

It is important to know that we have the ONLY witnessing room in the southern half of the Milwaukee metropolitan area. We also proudly serve the area suburbs of Greenfield, Greendale, Oak Creek, Franklin, South Milwaukee, Cudahy, and St. Francis.

What You Might Get Elsewhere...

Others count on you to assume your loved one is being cremated in a dignified and secure facility. But the reality is, most cremations through other funeral homes and discount cremation providers take place in a garage or industrial-type building. Always striving for excellence, we wanted to do something different and give our families the best. Take a look for yourself. We welcome inspection and strongly encourage comparison.

Who's Ashes are in the Urn?

It's a terrible question to contemplate, but with others, they might not have the confidence to answer this question. We, on the other hand, can assure you we've returned 100% of your loved one's recoverable ashes.

We welcome questions and inspection. Please call (414) 483-2322 for a personal tour today.

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