Dedicated to caring service since 1868.
Our family-owned and operated funeral homes have been helping families in Southeast Wisconsin for more than 140 years. Find out more about what sets us apart, like our on-site crematory and our green burial services.
We welcome inspection and strongly recommend comparison.
Our on-site crematory, adjacent to our Bay View Chapel, is a high-quality facility that was designed to be the most dignified cremation facility in the Milwaukee area. Learn more about what makes our cremation center the best.
We are certified by theGreen Burial Council.
Looking for an eco-friendly arrangement that not only looks great, but also helps nature flourish? Learn more about the green burial services that we offer.
In Our Care :
Patricia A. Schlass of Oak Creek - July 5, 2016
Priscilla Koss of Stuart - July 1, 2016
Charles C. "Chuck" Rutkowski of Milwaukee - July 1, 2016
Nancy R. Hays of Greenfield - June 27, 2016
Mary Yauck of Milwaukee - June 28, 2016
Marcella B. Stevens "Marcy" of So. Milwaukee - June 27, 2016
Suzanne "Suzy" Rodriguez of Milwaukee - June 27, 2016
Alice M Wilke of New Berlin - June 22, 2016
Patricia A. Miszewski of Milwaukee - Private
Maria Guadalupe Cornejo of Milwaukee - June 24, 2016

Burial Services
Burial Services
A funeral is an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of a life. A time for human sharing in its deepest sense.
Cremation Services
Cremation Services
Contrary to what some people believe, cremation does not limit choices, but, in fact, increases one’s options.
Plan Now
Plan Now
If you are in immediate need of a service please complete our at-need form. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible.
Plan Ahead
Plan Ahead
There are many advantages to planning arrangements in advance. This includes financial and emotional benefits.